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Useful Links for Motorcycle Drivers Preparing for their Test

Is your motorcycle suitable for the Test?
Driving Test Vehicles - Motorcycles.
Download infomation on Representative vehicles for the driving test (PDF)
IBT Modules
The Modules. The Initial Basic Training course is made up of four modules, which you must complete in sequence to get your Certificate of Satisfactory Completion.

Road Safety Authority

Our mission is simple: to make roads safer for everyone. The current national Road Safety Strategy aims to reduce collisions, deaths and injuries by 30%.

Motorcycle Roadcraft: The Police Riders Handbook to Better Motorcycling
Motorcycle Roadcraft has been developed under the guidance of a group of police motorcycle trainers, with input from police riders, trainees and civilian experts, and is for police trainees and other riders concerned with getting the best from their machines. It gives the fullest, most authoritative information available on safe and effective methods of riding a bike.



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